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NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions is the future of Digital and Internet Marketing Agencies. We don't even call ourselves an agency - we are a "digital partner".  

Use your own experience, when was the last time a Digtial Marketing Agency suggested a product or service they don't offer? 

Most agencies will say they are "consulting" based on your business needs..but why does it seem that they always have the service or product that you need, especially if they only have a few products or services?

Enterprises, Corporations and especially small business owners deserve better. Experience the difference with NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions.  

Our Small Business Services & Strategies

RTB / DSP & Ad Exchange Programmatic  Advtertising

Social Media Marketing

Programmatic Hyper Targeting
Best-in-class programmatic technology and managed media services  drive efficient and effective digital ad campaigns across all available channels

NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions offers our clients the most results-driven Social Media services in the social media today. Our InTelligent™ proprietary software extends across all channels, all devices and focuses on only the Social Media Users who are not only interested in your product, but we hypertarget the users who are ready to buy.

We offer the most state of the art Social Listening, Social Boosting, Social Advertising and Social Organic products and services available .

Also, ask about our exclusive partnerships with some of the most powerful social listening tools available today.
Global reach
Get access to thousands of publishers, ad networks and ad exchanges which support OpenRTB protocol to purchase ad space with lower price, but higher value.
Ad Formats
Different advertising formats available –
display, mobile, video, native, etc.
Smart Optimization
Buying for the lowest possible price due to our optimization algorithms.
Precise targeting
Enjoy precise targeting to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time.
Inventory quality check
Nextgen Intelligent Marketing Solutions DSP provides inventory quality check to ensure superb ad delivery

Our complete end-to-end programmatic technology that powers all NextGen campaigns. It combines the efficiency and hyper targeting of programmatic media with compelling, scalable creative. Our clients put more media dollars to work in more campaigns than with any other platform, maximizing marketing budgets and return on investment.
NextGen Intelligent's InTelligent™ hyper targeting advertising platform and managed services team provides all four (Plan, Traffic, Manage, Analyze) making it easier for you to generate the results you want most.

NextGen Intelligent Marketing Soluitons: Hypertargeting Audiences

SEO Services

Responsive &  Personalized Website Design

Mobile Advertising

Gain superior results and engagement with personalized mobile solutions from NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions. Over the last 10 years our partner developers have built a proprietary analytics database from multiple channels and devices, capturing more than 350 million data-rich consumer profiles. Through our exclusive database we select the ideal target audience for your brand, individual by individual at incredible scale.

Our profiling technology delivers your message across enormous mobile assets spanning RTB exchanges, direct publisher integrations and SDK integrations. We have access to 100 billion mobile impressions a month. With our proprietary technology and consumer database we truly provide the right audience, right message, right place and right time — not just sites
The vast majority of consumers use search engines to make purchasing decisions. As 99% of search engine based traffic comes from the first
page of results, you cannot afford to be found on page two, three, or beyond. To be successful at small business Internet marketing, you need more than just having a website. Your business needs to be highly visible and easy to find for customers who are willing to pay for your products and services.
saves you both by fulfilling your SEO tasks using our custom technology that creates efficiencies that enable us to provide affordable online marketing solutions to you as our client. Our service enables you to promote your company while spending your time doing what you do best – running you business.

When it comes to Website Development, Design and Personalization - NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions are without equal.

Give your customers a custom designed, personal experience with our personalized website designs. As our client, we (or you) can change your website with new personalization tools daily. For more detailed information .....  

Interactive Content Marketing 
Multi-Media Advertising

Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you spending a lot of ad spend on driving traffic to you website and not converting? What would be the point?

NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions has partnered with the #1 CRO company in the world.

NextGen Intelligent Martketing Solutions offers content marketers the ability to build dynamic interactive experiences that get better results. Helping them improve both the quality and quantity of content they produce.

InTelligent™ Content Marketing, Dynamic Creative Optimization, Mobile App Development and Deployment, Banner Ads, Pop-Ups, Display Ads, Mobile, Native Advertising, email, paid Social, interstitial and Video Advertising. 
Small Business Digital Marketing Solutions
A Note From the CEO - Brad Long
I’ve been selling to and speaking with SMBs about their digital marketing needs for years. To me, it’s clear that most SMBs are confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the digital marketing options they face. I’ve also spoken with hundreds of vendors in the space about the services they offer. While some do a great job describing their offerings, many do not.

My goal is to help SMBs better understand the types of services they should consider using and provide a basic resource in their search for a provider, if we don't have the relationship already.

The large enterprise Marketing Executives are no smarter than the SMB owner, they just have more resourses. 

Of course, before now.
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