Mobile Advertising
We incorporate a Proprietary analytics database built over the last 10 years comprising more than 350 million consumer data profiles.
Access to 100 billion impressions a month
Proprietary data on 300 million consumers
Real-time reporting & optimization with our exclusive technology

Our technology that we utilize was built a network offering more than one billion impressions per month. And through our partnerships with some of the biggest sites today, we are able to display ads on third-party networks at a rate of more than 100 billion impressions monthly.

Location-Based Advertising
Target customers who are near your business. Once your campaign goes live, our partners will display your mobile ad to customers within a five-mile radius. Targeting expands outward based on traffic availability and your desired radius

Mobile Advertising Network
We have built a network offering more than one billion impressions per month. And through our partnerships with some of the biggest sites today, we are able to display ads on third-party networks at a rate of more than 100 billion impressions monthly.
Monthly Analytics
Track and analyze your advertising results! Our InTelligent™alytics offers big data analytics to even the smallest advertisers. Understand user behavior and engage in real-time campaign measurement to target consumers at a point when they’re ready to engage.

Geofencing Mobile Advertising
Geofencing means your ad only displays within a specific radius of a given target. Through our proven technology, your ad will display within distance of whatever location you specify, whether it’s your own place of business, a landmark or even a particular zip code. Targeting starts at a 5-mile radius and then expands outward based on your specifications.

Starting at just $100 per month, you can start displaying your ad to mobile phone users within proximity of your place of business, driving foot traffic to your door immediately.

Time your ads to appear! If you’re a business like a restaurant or a spa and you’re looking to drive traffic at a particular time of day, we can run your ad only during the time of day that you specify. Get exposure to potential customers – at the right time, and in the right location 
Small Business Owners  can out perform the big brands with NextGen's Intelligent Local Mobile Solutions
eMarketer estimates that spending on mobile advertising will soar 83% to nearly $18 billion this year. The opportunity is clear and NextGen has the advanced and affordable technology to drive business to your store, calls to your business or make conversions in real time. 

             Local Mobile Advertising Made Simple​​

NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions will handle every step of your campaign, from design to reporting.

Step 1
After sign-up, receive a call from an NextGen  Mobile Expert to finalize details of your mobile ad campaign.
We will design and code the landing page and banner ad for your business. All you need to do is review and approve the art.
Step 3
Your ad will be displayed thousands of times a month on hundreds of top apps for only $100/mo.
Step 4
Start receiving calls, in store visits and more. Plus, you can review your campaign's performance with your monthly analytics report.
Here is a nice video by Google to explain our new mobile world and if you own a business - mobile ads are a MUST.
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NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions
Delivers Audiences, Not Sites

Small Business Mobile Advertising Solutions
Your customers are on mobile and they're ready to buy! Reach your audience as they search apps & sites, read news, check the weather and much more with local mobile banner advertising.

Once your campaign goes live, User Friendly Media will display your mobile banner ad to customers that are near your business. Targeting starts within a one mile radius and will expand outward based on traffic availability
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NextGen's Mobile Optimization
The mobile web is exploding. Smart phones and tablets dominate the market, and users can browse the web from anywhere, now—not just at home. If you have not optimized your site for mobile devices, potential visitors may become frustrated, flee your site, and find what they want from one of your competitors, instead. All of
NextGen Intelligent Personalized Webboost Designs feature responsive templates, which means the website automatically formats correctly to whatever type of screen each visitor uses, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. That way, you don’t lose out on potential business
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NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions
Mobile App Development
The Best Mobile App Builder for iOS & Android!
Incredible Apps. Zero Hassle.
Instead of building your app on your own, have one of our professional designers build your app for you.
Easy 3 Step Process
1) Meet With Our Designers
You're the expert, we help assemble. We work 1-on-1 with you to bring your idea into a reality.
2) We Hand Craft Your App
Our build team will create stunning graphics for your app and unforgettable experience for your users.
3) Training and Activation
Once we finish building your app, we have a personal training session to make sure you can maintain your app.

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NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions
Mobile Websites and Landing Pages
We design our websites with search engines in mind. For instance, we follow all of Google’s guidelines for onsite structure to ensure that Google—and the other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo—can easily find your site, scan the contents quickly and thoroughly, and index and organize your site’s information in their databases. We incorporate keywords that users actually search for, and we use them enough to make them effective without sounding “spammy.” This makes your site as accessible as possible to users searching for particular content, and encourages search engines to rank your site at the top of their search results pages.

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We provide the right mix of local and national messaging to support your locations
Brand awareness is vital for any franchise business. Raising awareness usually requires a mix of national messaging and high local visibility. Because they give franchise locations local exposure while promoting the corporate website and national messaging, search engines are a great tool for recruitment and brand building.

To raise awareness for your franchise, you need a specialist who can boost local visibility while building national exposure. Our approach is especially helpful to the franchise locations; just because you are tied to a national brand doesn’t mean your business receives high visibility in local search results.

NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions makes it easy for local customers searching for your product or service to find you. We help you develop a careful keyword strategy and campaign so that when customers go searching…they find your business

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